How does whereu.at work?

At the start of each week, you will receive an email asking if you're available for a meeting on Friday or Saturday. If you are, we'll work on matching you with someone that aligns with your interests/preferences. Matches are curated by real people.

Once matched, you'll receive an email on Wednesday (at the latest) with your meeting details for the week—who your match is, where to meet, and at what time.

After the meeting, we want to hear how it went, so expect one last email asking for feedback. The feedback you provide will help us better plan future meetings for you.

Am I obligated to attend a meeting every week?

Not at all! We will email you at the start of each week to check your availability for Friday or Saturday. If you cannot make it that week, simply let us know and we won't schedule a meeting for you.

We kindly ask that you only say you're available if you can actually make the meeting. We know that sometimes scheduling can be tough, but it's important to remember that canceling your meeting after saying you are available creates a bad experience for your match. If there's even a chance that something might come up, please do not say you are available for a meeting.

We take the quality of our community very seriously and do suspend user accounts when we see multiple instances of low-quality meetings. We make these decisions based on things like cancelations, reschedules, and poor reviews. It's our way of keeping the experience positive for everyone.

Do you tell me who I will be meeting beforehand to make sure I want to meet them?

Unfortunately we cannot. Our system is designed to optimize for convenience, rather than choice. Balancing both of these is a tricky problem as you might imagine. On average, our members rate their matches a 4.6 out of 5 in terms of value and satisfaction so trust us that we do everything we can to make sure you're making quality connections.

What if I can't meet during the current time slots?

We are constantly opening up new time slots. We recommend you still apply so that we can let you know when we open up more.

How much does whereu.at cost?

The service is absolutely free!

What if something comes up and I can’t make my meeting?

We recommend sharing your phone number with your match prior to the meeting. You also have their email address for last resort. Please let them know as soon as you realize you're not going to be able to make the meeting. If all else fails, email edpark@whereu.at and she will do her best to contact the other party.

What should I expect from a meeting?

Our goal is to help people build their professional network. We fundamentally believe that you never know what you might learn or what new opportunities you might discover from spending just a little bit of time with someone. We see serendipitous connections and intros happen every week. We've even had members get hired, raise money, and find new partnerships.

What if I’m running late to a meeting?

Most of our members share their phone number prior to the meeting. A simple text message to your match will suffice. Please try not to have your match waiting for more than 5 mins if possible. If all else fails, email edpark@whereu.at and we'll do our best to contact the other party.

How long should I expect a meeting to last?

We recommend keeping each meeting to 30 minutes. If you need to be somewhere, don't hesitate to let the other party know.

How do I opt-out of whereu.at?

If you no longer want to participate in whereu.at, email edpark@whereu.at.